Commission Work

James Kessinger would be honored to work on custom, commissioned art work. Please contact him with the size, type of work,
what you want it to say to the viewer,  and he will contact you  with a quote.

Thank you for considering James Kessinger as your commission artist. He looks forward to doing a special piece of art just for you.


A connoisseur of  fine art collects pieces for a variety of reasons.  One, of course, is for the investment purposes.  Art collection has long been a hedge against inflation. Oftentimes, the value of fine art exceeds the value of gold. But, there is a more personal and fulfilling reason…the aesthetic value.  Beauty comforts both the body and the soul. It permits the artist to see beyond the bounds of reality, and it allows the viewer to reach horizons they  have never before encountered.  James Kessinger’s artistic triumphs tend toward the latter; when one views what James ‘sees’ only through the mind’s eye, the viewer’s reward is far greater than money… he/she becomes a witness into the realm of good fighting evil and beauty overcoming the ordinary.

Contact James for Commission Work


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